1, Tulskii 2nd per., Kaluga, 248003
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Boyar’s steam

Boyar’s steam

Aroma brooms, thick hot steam and cold water kit - Russian people have long walked to the bath, not only for cleanliness but for the sake of health, energy and fun. In the "BOYAR’S STEAM" of «KALUGA PLAZA» COMPLEX you will find that most "fragrant steam", which is "not only the body but the soul heals." Bright, truly Russian design with plenty of precious wood immerses visitors to the world of ancient epic.

Sauna Reservation:   

+7 (4842) 212 190

Cost from (rub.hour): All prices

(Visiting to 8 people)

09:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 09:00 Круглосуточно
1 200 1 800 1 800

Each subsequent visitor 150 rub./hour

Bath accessories:

  • Special cap – free use,
  • Kilt (special skirt for sauna) – free use,
  • Towel – free use,
  • Slippers – 50 Rubles / pair - 50 руб./пара.

Extra Services:

  • air hockey - free

Working hours — 24 hours;

Minimum time using the service:
2 hours

max 20 persons


On the 1st floor:
  • swimming pool
  • hamam
  • showers
On the 2nd floor:
  • two rest rooms
  • air hockey
  • entertainments

Extra Services

  • Massage. Classical Massage and massage for a special technique will refund you the strength and health;
  • As we are care about your comfort necessary bath accessories always available and included to the price: kilt, cap, towels;
  • Always on sale various kinds of bath brooms, and related products needed in the bath;
  • In any of the bath you can order from the restaurant and enjoy a variety of hot and cold dishes, kebabs and fish on the grill, which will not leave you indifferent, all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks, and a selection of tea with honey and jam, so that need for a bath
  • You can park your car in the guarded parking and do not worry about it;
  • After bath treatment and delicious meal you can continue your rest in our hotel. The cozy rooms are always ready to welcome our guests;
  • On the territory of Kaluga Plaza complex there is a cozy restaurant with a varied and high-quality cuisine menu that will satisfy any gourmet. Orders are accepted from the restaurant, from the bath and from the hotel. You can organize a wedding party, banquet or corporate event in our restaurant.

Special offer
Special offer

Prices & Services

Sauna complex Quantity of persons Cost, (rub./hour)
Monday - Friday Saturday, Sunday
09:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 09:00 Around the clock
«Roman term» From 1 tо 10 people 1500 2100 2100
Each next visitor 150 150 150
«Boyar's steam» From 1 tо 10 people 1200 1800 1800
Each next visitor 150 150 150
«Persian hamam» From 1 tо 10 people 1200 1800 1800
Each next visitor 150 150 150
«Japanese bath» From 1 tо 10 people 1000 1500 1500
Each next visitor 150 150 150

Additional bath accessories:

  • Special cap – free use,
  • Kilt (special skirt for sauna) – free use,
  • Towel – free use,
  • Slippers – 50 Rubles / pair.

Extra Services:

«Roman term»
  • billiards - free,
  • air hockey - free.
«Boyar's steam»
  • air hockey - free.

Massage (procedure is performed by appointment)

Procedure Duration of
Description of procedure
Full body massage 45 – 60 min. 1 200 Massage aims to enhance and maintain the general condition of the body. Depending on your goals, it can be relaxing, invigorating or just recreational. Prevents aging of the skin. Improves mood, improves mood.
Back massage 40 min. 800 The most popular massages. Massage is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic. Reduces fatigue, state of discomfort, relaxes tense muscles, restores normal motor function of the spine, prevents and eliminates the development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease.
Anti-cellulite massage of problem zone 40 min./one zone 800
Одна зона
Massage aims to improve your shape and the elimination of cellulite on problem areas of a woman's body. Carried out on the lower back, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Gives firmness and elasticity of the tissues, reduces body fat, eliminate cellulite, sculpting. To achieve a good effect applies manual massage. Conducted taking into account the individual characteristics and wishes of women.
Facial 30 min. 600 Conducted with neuritis of the facial nerve, trigeminal neuralgia, for cosmetic purposes. First conducted a short light massage the neck area, then massage the face. Massage improves blood circulation, anti-age effect, helps to restore the elasticity of tissues, has a relaxing effect.