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Gostiny Dvor (Stalls)

Gostiny Dvor (Stalls)
Gostiny Dvor (Stalls)
From «Kaluga Plaza» hotel in 3.5 km by car.         View the route map

Address: 119, Lenina street, Kaluga

Gostiny Dvor is a striking example of Russian classical architecture of the end of the XVII century. Grand construction consists of fourteen buildings, connected with each other by system of arches and galleries.

It is noteworthy that the debate about the authorship of the architectural design of stalls do not cease by this day. Some researchers tend to think that the architect of the complex was P. Nikitin, others – that it was V. Bazhenov. Nevertheless Gostiny Dvor is a true ornament of Kaluga for three hundred years in succession. Its red and white facades produce extremely cheerful impression and harmonize with the image of the city.

Gostiny Dvor (Stalls)