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House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky

House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky
House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky
From «Kaluga Plaza» hotel in 5 km by car.         View the route map

Address: 79, Tsiolkovskogo street, Kaluga
Telephone: +7 (4842) 74-61-80

On the picturesque outskirts of Kaluga near the bank of the Oka there is a house which is associated with 29 years of life of the great Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the founder of Russian cosmonautics. He wrote the most important scientific work on problems of aviation, ballooning, jet propulsion here.

Today the House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky is the memorial Department of State Museum of Cosmonautics History. The interiors, outbuildings and garden recreated in the same form in which they existed in the first half of the XX century, during the life of Tsiolkovsky’s family.

House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky