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Restaurant «Currant»



As the theater begins with a scene, or a restaurant starts with kitchen. «Currant» - is a gastronomic theater where the action takes place on the table. Simple, delicious food from fresh and quality ingredients prepared with the achievements of high gastronomy and personal developments of our chef. Test it - and you will experience a lot of new emotions, feelings and experiences!

Restaurant «Currant» - a cozy haven for beer connoisseurs. We always support all high tradition in the world of beer. Beer festivals such as "St. Patrick's Day," "Oktoberfest", "Krusovice Musketeer", always held in our restaurant.


European-style design of the restaurant «Currant» is simple and elegant, without outrageous and garish details, designed in elegant classic colors - gold and chocolate brown. In the restaurant reigns business and at the same time cozy atmosphere. Only here you can start your day with a delicious and hearty breakfast and coffee. And be sure - the day will be perfect!


We offer you 2 halls:
  • Dining hall for 85 persons;
  • VIP dining hall for 15 persons;

The interior of the main hall is decorated pictures of the five wonders of the world. The highlight of the beer hall - "Brooklyn Bridge."

Vip room usually is reserved for special feast - a family celebration or a friendly party, when guests want to get together at one big table and privacy from public view. Hall is also ideal for a business dinner with your partner, where there is an opportunity to discuss all the nuances, to resolve issues without leaving the table.

Regular guests know that in «Currant» they will be met by friendly waiters, and a huge range of sweets and fresh home baking will be offered!

Reserve a table: +7 (4842) 777 111


  • Dining Hall - 85 persons;
  • VIP room - 15 persons;

«Currant» Restaurant Menu

Working Hours:
Mo-Th Fr-Sa Su
12:00 - 00:00 12:00 - 01:00 14:00 - 00:00

Additional services

  • Wi-Fi Zone
  • Free secure parking

«Currant» is a perfect place for any celebration, be it a warm family celebration, a great corporate event or a fun dance party. High level of service, variety of dishes, elegant wine list – this is «Currant» restaurant!

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